Mayan Riviera

Full of Caribbean charm, this area is home to spectacular beaches, famous for their turquoise blue water and fine, white sand. Offering peace, tranquility in addition to a wide variety of romantic, cultural and adventurous activities for all types of experiences. Located in southeastern Mexico, on the Yucatán Peninsula, this region is the cradle of Mayan culture, one of the most interesting and important in history with a long legacy in science and astronomy.

The Mayan culture fascinates people from all over the world; its wisdom and knowledge of math and astronomy combined with amazing architectural achievements, paintings, sculptures and natural parks make this region an ideal place to visit.

Things to do

CHICHEN ITZA is one of the Mayan Riviera’s archeaological sites, constructed around 435-455. Named one of the “New Wonders of the World,” the pyramid of Kukulkán in Chichen Kitza is 60 meters wide and 24 meters tall with 91 steps which allow the visitor to visit the upper part of the temple. Today, more than 1000 years later, one can witness the incredible equinox on the temple of Kukulcán en Chichen Itza (the 21st of June and 22nd of September), where the llight and shadows from the sunset create the effect of a of a serpent, or the God Kukulcán, coming down over the pyramid from its northwest. This is a truly magical place to visit for unforgettable memories.

One may also visit XCARET in the Mayan Riviera, the stunning ecological park which conserves natural and cultural aspects of the region. A former Mayan marketplace, it includes the Coral Aquarium, one of the few places in the world where one can observe the amazing coral reefs in their natural habitat. Perfect for those who enjoy marine life, oen can find over 5,000 organisms and 500 species in Xcaret, including fish, algae, sponges, seahorses, angelfish and many, many more. The park also includes a butterfly tank, cenotes, undergrand rivers and nightly shows full of Mexican folklore and influence. Couples and their friends and family will get a taste of Mayan Mexico and its incredible natural surroundings at Xcaret.

The Mayan Riviera is also home to the largest natural aquarium in the world: XEL-HA. Experience nature as you never have before in the “`place where water is born,” Xel-Há is a beautiful cove that unites the river water with the Caribbean Sea, creating a perfect environment for the survival of many marine species - a perfect place for snorkeling! Admire marine life in its natural habitat as well as the stunning landscape which surrounds it. Offering many activities such as snorkeling, bicycling in the jungle and great restaurants, it’s an ideal place to spend the day and take in these exotic surroundings.

Only 12km away from Xel-Há, one will find TULUM, one of the main mayan cities on the Mayan Riviera coast. Once an important port for the Mayan civilization, it represented the link between sea and land trade. Also an astronomical observatory and defensive forte, it features walls on three sides and faces the sea. The archaeological area protects its pyramids and temples that form one of the most admired ruins in the Mayan cultura, being the only Mayan city that was located right on the sea.

Nearby one may also visit charming PLAYA DEL CARMEN. This young and hip city, full of beautiful beaches, boasts its own “Fifth Avenue” with a wide variety of restaurants, bars and night clubs with a cosmopolitan ambience for a wonderful night on the town. Its shopping center with jewelry stores, clothing stores and exclusive boutiques offer great shopping opportunities.

Full of excursions and activities for your special, once in a lifetime trip, the Mayan Riviera is a fabulous place for fun, culture, and an experience you’ll treasure forever.


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