Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I use my membership?

Your membership can be used once you’ve made the down payment as stated on your contract.

When can I use my membership?

Use of your Palladium Membership doesn’t have any restrictions.  You can travel whenever and however you’d like.  The reservation and cancellation policy of each hotel, however, should be respected.

What’s the reservation policy like?

t’s as simple as picking up the phone or sending us an email.  Our members have an exclusive reservation department at their disposal.

Each time you use your membership at a Palladium Hotel or Resort, you’ll have access to the ALL-INCLUSIVE rate, which is an exclusive, members-only PRICE.
When you make your reservation, you simply have to pay the amount shown.  This amount is a guarantee, in the case of cancellation or no show, this guarantee is non refundable.

Can my membership be used by family members or friends?

Absolutely, your membership can be used by whoever you’d like without having to travel with you, the Membership Holder..


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